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About Articulate

Articulate is a photography & consulting partnership based in Southwestern Ontario providing accessible services for all levels of the consumer and business market. 

We work with consumers and businesses, primarily charitable and non-profit organizations, to exceed marketing objectives in photographic and web content design.


At the consumer level, Articulate provides a suite of family, event, and portrait photography, as well as web-based personal marketing and consulting services. Our primary focus is to use attainable and professional photography to alleviate employment and social disparity.


Articulate further delivers for the small-medium size business, including start-ups; we provide essential content copywriting and marketing design, integrated with photography for coordinated staff portraits and corporate events.


In the non-profit sector, Articulate utilizes efficient photography and marketing strategy so organizations can simultaneously deliver and market their goals. Our non-profit services include fundraising and corporate event photography, as well as graphic design, web customization, and photography to support charitable missions.

About Maria Smirnova

Co-founder, Creative and Marketing

(416) 450-5578 | maria@articulatephoto.org 

Maria is an architecture student at the University of Waterloo striving to provide engineered designs that alleviate social inequality and promote accessibility. Alongside a substantial photography portfolio over six years, Maria served as a research assistant at the Buoyant Foundation Project, working to mitigate flood damage in vulnerable populations. Big-ticket architectural design firms in Toronto have fulfilled her cooperative work experience during university and provided a range of architectural, engineering, and design know-how to culminate in effective marketing consulting strategy. Maria further adds to Articulate with leadership, advocacy, and a keen eye for design as creative lead at WATonomous, Canada’s preeminent autonomous vehicle team. Maria is also a fluent Russian speaker.